The Dengie is not just our home, it’s also home to our joys and to our passion.

The wind in your hair, the sea air on your face, whether on land or on the water, hiking the seawall or sailing the Blackwater, Bradwell brings us peace and pleasure.

Name one other place where spring delivers the fun of the Scarecrow Festival, and where summer calls us to throw sensibility to the tide as the rising waves beckon the seasoned sea-lover.

Thank you Brigid Main for sharing the fun of the Bradwell Scarecrow Festival!
Thank you Hayley Allen for sharing the excitement of exploring Bradwell’s remote sea wall!
Thank you Marie Rickwood for sharing the view of Bradwell’s beach and beautiful coastal vistas from horseback, and the fun of the beach for man’s best friend!

Autumn’s golden sunsets and moody mists attract riders and hikers keen to enjoy the change of the seasons with loved-ones or in solitude. Bradwell’s expansive horizons and endless skies offer unrivalled peace for meditation and quiet contemplation.

Thank you James Mason-Jennings for sharing the joys of your beautiful rural bike tours!

The Blackwater and the estuary are popular sailing spots, and the river is home to semi-retired Thames Barges that offer opportunities to enjoy the river’s views and gentle rocking waves at a leisurely pace. And almost every village along the river has its own sailing club – a testament to the popularity of the Blackwater.

Thank you Sue Catling for sharing the fun of the Blackwater by boat!

Winter brings a stark stillness to the saltmarsh that beckons rare birds and their admirers too – replete with binoculars and telephoto lenses, keen to capture the unique sights bestowed by the protected nature reserves of Bradwell-on-sea.

Thank you Steve Walton for sharing this evocative shot of one of Bradwell’s Oyster Catchers.

The remote beauty of the peninsular is an inspiration to artists, writers and poets seeking to capture the essence of the haunting landscape and its rich, poignant history.

What is it about Bradwell that brings you peace and pleasure? We would love to hear what Bradwell and the Dengie peninsula mean to you.

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