Actively protecting our communities, our heritage and our unique ecology from Bradwell B development.

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Finding Fault with Bradwell B

The most destructive earthquake known in Britain happened at 9.18 am, on April 22nd 1884. The epicentre at Peldon just 8.3 km from the now decommissioned Bradwell A nuclear power station. The earthquake only lasted five to ten seconds or so. But in that brief period, whole villages were wrecked and Colchester was reduced to chaos. …


Media Update – February 2021

Bradwell B Action Network (BAN) Update Hello again, I sincerely hope that 2021 is proving to be a little kinder toyou and yours than 2020! Here at BAN, we seem to be pretty much onthe same trajectory, with Bradwell B ploughing ahead with their plansdespite the political uncertainty around Chinese State investment in ourcritical infrastructure.We …


A Small Corner of Essex, a Major National Security Risk and Cronyism, Heritage under threat – Press Release

Appeal to Prime Minster, Foreign and Energy Ministers, selected MP’s and Local Councillors to Reconsider Chinese State Plans for Essex Nuclear Power Plant by local community. Bradwell B Action Network (BAN), a front-line grass roots campaign organisation, sent a strong message to the Prime Minster and other representatives including the government energy and foreign ministers …


BAN Press Advisory Notice 19/12/20

Days after China General Nuclear (CGN) majority share owned Bradwell Power Generation Company Ltd (BPGC), despite local opposition and concerns, received an electricity generating license from Ofgem, the future of their Bradwell B development looks in doubt as the UK government limits CGN’s involvement in Sizewell C. The Bradwell B plans are centred around the …


BAN Press Advisory Notice 11/12/20

State-owned China General Nuclear (CGN), the developer behind the proposed Bradwell B new nuclear plant, are appealing against the local district council’s refusal to grant planning permission for investigatory groundworks. Maldon District Council voted to reject the application which would destroy the remains of RAF Bradwell Bay, a popular heritage site amongst WWII airfield enthusiasts. The council’s …


Video Resources

This stunning video (below) captures the essence of the unique environment that is the Dengie Peninsular and that which Bradwell B would completely devastate. With six protection designations including a RAMSAR for our internationally important wetlands bird, our ecology must be protected from this misjudged development and its irreversible consequences.

Bradwell BAN's Stage One Consultation Response

Bradwell BAN’s Stage One Consultation Response

1. Bradwell B Proposals Overall What are your overall views on our proposals to build a new nuclear power station, Bradwell B, and associated development? The proposal to build a new nuclear power station in Bradwell on Sea will have a massive detrimental impact to the local area and residents, not just the residents of …


Impacts of Bradwell B

This is a list of impacts that we have complied from the plans as outlined by Bradwell B. You may find them useful when communicating with your representatives, friends and neighbours etc. about the extent of this plan and how it will affect us all. We have not included any geopolitical concerns or anti-nuclear arguments …


Links and Resources

The Bradwell B Public consultation website. The Bradwell-on-sea and Dengie Against Bradwell B Facebook Page. The RAF Bradwell Bay Facebook page The RAF Bradwell Bay Website The Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group website: and YOUTUBE channel.

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