The whole of the Dengie peninsular and beyond would be negatively impacted by the increase in traffic that would come with the build and operation of Bradwell B.

Traffic management development would stretch out as far as Danbury and South Woodham Ferrers, dramatically increasing in HGV traffic through all towns and villages along the route, shown below.

With that increased traffic would come a marked increase in air pollution.

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Traffic will be made of up:

  • An estimated 500 – 700 two-way vehicles movements per day.
  • That’s up to 1400 every single day.
  • Made up of 40 ton tippers, worker buses, contractor vehicles and private vehicles.

This increase in traffic will increase the risk of:

  • Serious accidents
  • Increase in air pollution
  • Increase noise pollution
  • Damage to local roads and property
  • Reduced quality of life or residents not just in the immediate area, but also in the villages through which that traffic is routed.
  • Increase in congestion and related loss of amenity across the peninsular from South Woodham Ferrers and Danbury across the stretch of the Dengie out to Bradwell-on-sea

HGV traffic of these proportions will have a huge impact on air quality in and around the development area.

This will have health impacts for everyone and will most greatly affect the most vulnerable members of our communities. Older people, children, pregnant women and those with cardiovascular and/or respiratory disease will be most severely affected.

Bradwell BAN seek to protect our communities from this potential increase in pollution by opposing the build of Bradwell B.