Actively protecting our communities, our heritage and our unique ecology from Bradwell B development.

The Blackwater Estuary from Maldon towards Bradwell in the far-right distance

About Us

Bradwell BAN is a grass-roots organisation set up by concerned local residents to protect our communities, our heritage and our unique ecology from the impact of the proposed Bradwell B nuclear power station. Ultimately, we aim to have Bradwell On Sea removed from the list of potential sites for new nuclear builds. This is necessary if we are to protect the internationally important ecology of the site and surrounding area.

Bradwell-on-sea and the surrounding villages are remote and rural, lacking the infrastructure to cope with this gigantic development. The impact on the area will be immense. The 10-12 year building process will adversely impact the lives of those living within the Dengie peninsular while destroying internationally important habitats, changing forever this wild liminal space into an industrial landscape.

Please give voice to your opinion and help make a difference in preserving the beauty of the Dengie and the protection of our communities.

You can write to your local political representatives to voice your concerns.

Click here for a list of impacts that you can use when formulating your correspondence.

Hashtag #LeaveBradwellBe on your social media to spread the message!

Together, we can make a difference in protecting our communities and preserving the beauty, ecology and safety of Bradwell and the Dengie.

Artist Impression of Proposed Bradwell B


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