Actively protecting our communities, our heritage and our unique ecology from Bradwell B development.

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BAN attending Essex Green Weekend

BAN will be attending the Essex Green Weekend at Othona 29 April – 2nd May. Day tickets and camping still available with lots of activities for adults and children alike. If your coming, please stop by our stall in the marketplace on Saturday and say hello 😎More information at

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Media Update October 2020

Bradwell B Update from BAN The BRB development team held the first of its planned quarterlyCommunity Forum meetings on 6th October. The three-hour onlinemeeting was attended by representatives of various interested groupsincluding local councils, business groups, conservation bodies, BANNGand ourselves. The meeting comprised of feedback on the consultationsummary findings by BRB and an opportunity for …

Spread the word about the impacts of the Bradwell B power station
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Spread the Word with Bradwell BAN Posters

Lots of supporters have asked how they can help to spread the word about the proposed Bradwell B development. So, we have created a selection of posters that you can download, distribute online by sharing with friends, organisations and on social media, or to print-off for display in suitable locations. (Please see the Important Legal …

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Make a Difference – Sign the Petition

Our Petition has now closed with a total of 11,506 signatures – with a stunning response from local opposition representing 5.1% of the Maldon District population. Well done everyone! As can be seen from the formal government response (below) and the opposition from MDC councillors, we have been heard! We now await the 2nd stage …

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Bradwell B’s Stage One Consultation

The Bradwell B Stage One consultation deadline was 1st July 2020. Although the Stage One consultation deadline has now passed, you can still contact your M.P, use our poster resource to help spread the word, and you can sign the official petition against the proposal. Here is Bradwell BAN’s response: 1. Bradwell B Proposals Overall …