Bradwell B Action Network (BAN) Update

Hello again, I sincerely hope that 2021 is proving to be a little kinder to
you and yours than 2020! Here at BAN, we seem to be pretty much on
the same trajectory, with Bradwell B ploughing ahead with their plans
despite the political uncertainty around Chinese State investment in our
critical infrastructure.
We await the UK Governments National Security and Investment Bill,

which should give some clarity as to whether BRB’s involvement in
Bradwell B will be allowed to continue. As the various subsidiaries
designing and planning to build the plant are over 75% owned by
Chinese State entities, we believe there is a good chance that the
project will be halted at some stage.

At the time of writing, we are still waiting to hear whether the
developers of Bradwell B will win their appeal against the ground
investigation works decision by Maldon District Council. As a reminder,
MDC refused permission for the extensive works that would have seen
some of RAF Bradwell Bay remains destroyed along with potential
adverse impacts to protected species. It would be a travesty if the

Planning Inspectorate were to grant the appeal allowing the
investigation works to go ahead with so much uncertainty around the
project’s future.
Meanwhile, the Environment Agency (EA) has announced its public

consultation over the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) for the reactors
and associated equipment that BRB wish to build. The EA is responsible
for assessing the design for potential harm to the environment and
humans and ensuring that it is fit for purpose in that regard.

BAN has organised a special consultation meeting with the EA for our
community members, to which you are all invited. The meeting will be
held online via Zoom on the 3rd March at 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm. We do
not have the link details for the event yet, which we will post on our
website and the Facebook page just as soon as its available. Details
below from the EA describe the purpose of the meeting.

“We will share and discuss the emerging findings of the Environment Agency’s generic design assessment (GDA) of the UK HPR1000 nuclear power station design.

It is not a substitute for any formal consultation responses – and we hope you will find it useful in preparing your written response.

Our GDA findings are about the reactor design and not a specific site.
However, Bradwell Power Generation Company is developing plans to build
and operate this design at Bradwell in Essex.”

Any of you that follow our Facebook page would have seen a Call to
Action (CTA) posted recently on the back of an email we sent out to various Ministers, the PM, MP’s, and copied into local district and
county councillors. The email detailed the proximity of strategic assets
to the Bradwell B site and population densities within 30 km of it,
appealing to the UK government to halt the project due to the
considerable risks it posed to strategic assets and the large population.

The CTA asked community members to write their own letter or email
and provided relevant names and email addresses. Please check out our
Facebook page for more information, and please do join our community
group page, if you have not already done so. You can find us at

Linda Gemmill