Protecting our Treasured RAF Heritage

The Bradwell B Action Network sets out to protect the rich and unique history of the RAF Bradwell Bay airfield.

The entrance to the perimeter track is marked with a memorial listing the names of 121 members of the allied air forces who never returned to that runway – or any other.

Each of those young men give his life in the name of freedom. How can we be anything other than starkly humbled by that realisation, and how can we pass the airfield from which they took their final flights and feel anything other than deeply moved?

Honouring their memory means honouring the heritage left in their wake: the legacy that is RAF Bradwell Bay.

Along the perimeter track the aviation control tower still stands. It is now set against a backdrop of towering electricity pylons, but it still embodies and symbolizes the special history of RAF Bradwell Bay.

A bevy of blister hangars lie beyond. Now tractors may stand in the place of Mosquitos, but they still remind us of how that stretch of land once served our country.

Just as Bradwell’s St. Peter’s Chapel brings pilgrims in appreciation of St. Cedd’s divine legacy, RAF Bradwell Bay brings lovers of history and devotees of aviation heritage to appreciate the runway that has lain so peacefully for so many years since the war.

But now that peace is threatened, along with the memory of those young pilots’ sacrifice. If the Bradwell B power station development is allowed to go ahead, then RAF Bradwell Bay will be lost forever.

By signing the petition and by contacting local councillors, you can help to make a difference in preserving and protecting Bradwell’s vital heritage.